Tuesday Jul 23, 2024

The Modern Branding Toolkit: Leveraging Lucky Number SIMs for Impact

The current craze in social media for lucky mobile numbers in China is a new superstition emerging out of faddism, fetishism and. Also, it is a way of expression which demonstrates people anxious in the face of societal change that is sweeping. As per Hobsbawm and Ranger, invented traditions are likely to emerge at times […]

Thai Massage: Elevating Flexibility and Well-being Through Healing Touch

Thai Massage promotes relaxation, the flexibility of muscles and increases flow of energy. It includes yoga stretching exercises along with acupressure as well as compression. The majority of the time, following the session, many people say they feel less stiff and relaxed. But, it’s important to monitor how the body reacts to treatments. If you […]

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