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5G LTE Dash Cams: A New Era of Live Streaming and Safety

5G LTE Dash Cams: A New Era of Live Streaming and Safety

LTE connectivity (subscription plan needed) provides access anytime to live view, location tracking and theft alerts from your dash cam to the THINKWARE Connected app that you can install on your phone. It also supports it with a GPS logger for vehicle performance monitoring.

Thinkware’s Super night vision is a registered technology which increases exposure in order to capture more detail even in dim lighting – it is used at both in parking and driving mode.

4G Connectivity

A cellular dash camera may be used to transfer footage in the cloud for storage as well as review and sharing. They can also provide live video alerts and provide GPS monitoring. A typical cellular dashcam is equipped with a slot for a camera hanh trinh oto SIM card, which must be connected with a cellphone provider. There might be an annual subscription cost associated to this option, and it will depend on the amount of data you’re making use of.

Night vision is an essentially technologically advanced camera system technology that allows you to produce clear and crisp images even when it is in dim lighting conditions. This capability is made possible thanks to a sophisticated sensor that automatically adjusts the camera’s exposure degree to enhance overall video clarity.

Thinkware employs the Sony Exmor R STARVIS sensor to produce crisp and bright images, even during the night. This camera comes with a broad field of vision, and can capture license plates and road signs from afar. The camera also has G-sensors, sensitivity that can be adjusted, and loop recording. Additionally, it has built-in WiFi and GPS for vehicle geolocation and can help if you use your dashcam to resolve a dispute with a driver or insurance company. The camera is also equipped with an inbuilt super capacitor that provides enhanced heat resistance and greater lifespan.

5G Car DVR Technology

The latest 5G technology brings an entirely new level of connectivity to cars and dash cams. This ultra-fast cellular technology is capable of processing data at a rate of 250 times quicker than human reactions. That’s a massive advantage for security for passengers, driver, and cargo.

5G connectivity for automotive can boost fleet management with accurate vehicle data. This can help reduce consumption of gas, optimize routes, and increase the efficiency of drivers. Plus, it can help in monitoring parking, car insurance, and many more.

The i17 is a high-end dashboard camera which provides complete security as you drive. It has a 4K road footage and 2.5K cabin footage It captures every minute aspect in clear detail all day and at night. It comes with WiFi, GPS night vision, loop recording and a 24 hour parking monitoring to guarantee you’re safe.

The camera features Sony’s highly sensitive 1/1.8″ sensor that produces crisp and saturated images in dark, pitch-black conditions. The camera is protected with an ultra-high-performance super capacitor so it is resistant to heat and providing it with longevity for a longer time. It also has two massive IR lights on the front of the camera to provide enhanced night sight. It also has a sensor for gravity that immediately records and locks videos when it detects sudden movements while parked or driving, saving space for important events.

LTE Enabled Dashboard Cam

One of the major benefits of a dash camera equipped with an LTE connection provides can be cloud-based storage. The cloud storage allows motorists to save video clips from their most serious collisions on the cloud, without having to worry about the risk of overwriting their files and the camera losing footage. These kinds of cameras usually come with driver assistance tools like forward collision warning, as well as lane departure alert to keep drivers safe while driving.

Another key feature to look for is a Dash Cam equipped with Super night vision. Its goal is to eradicate dim and dull footage by creating video clips 10 times more brighter. This feature is now available on Thinkware dash cameras, which are set in Parking Surveillance Mode which allows viewers to see important information which are difficult to detect in low light environments such as dark alleyways and underground parking areas.

A dash cam with an LTE connection can also offer live streaming and push notifications for drivers. This feature is ideal for truck drivers that need to be connected to their equipment at all times and can make it easier for them to avoid arguments over what happened on the road. It can also inform the driver of any activity within their car while it is parked and automatically call emergency services or alert family members should there be a severe accident.

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